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One Experience Could Change Your Life


The FIERCE4® Fitness System

Create the FIERCE4® BUZZ…Tease and Tempt!!!  Make it a program to remember at your facility.   Looking for a new, fresh and exciting addition to your fitness department? FIERCE4® Fitness System & Training Course will get your instructors and members excited about new classes, training modalities and overall well being.   FIERCE4® is designed for Everyone!


FIERCE4® integrates and fuses 4 disciplines - Martial Arts moves, Fun-k Dance moves, Pilates & Yoga, and a healthy lifestyle. FIERCE4® Fitness is a FUN - TRAIN HARD PLAY HARDER cardio-interval program that will keep members motivated, enthusiastic and pleased with their physical results. FIERCE4® Nutrition brings in the component of health and well being, with food based nutrition. 


We work with your organization to provide ongoing Continuing Education to your Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers.  Our FIERCE4 workshops and certification programs are adaptable for "in-house" only trainings or "open" trainings, which allow outside instructors to attend at your facility.  We make it easy by handling all marketing, paperwork, and registration.

Infuses the Best of Health!

  • Exercise and Movement

  • Mind-Body Disciplines

  • Organic Nutrition

  • Positive Affirmations

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Live classes are always more FUN, so if you have a group who would like one of our programs, or simple would like more information - Please give us the DETAILS!!!!

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Specialize Your Fitness Career Today

Weather you are a seasoned professional or simply a fitness enthusiast, we have an array of courses, certifications, and training's to meet your goals and needs.  Fierce4 Online Education is here to make your life simple, while providing you with the best education available!  From Live Events to Online Education we are here to help you succeed.  We Create Leaders...One Experience could change your Life!

Janis Saffell - FIERCE4 Creator | Adita Lang - FIERCE4 Director

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